چشم بیسیم خطی دزدگیر پارادوکس  NV780MR

چشم بیسیم خطی دزدگیر پارادوکس NV780MR

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  • دو سیستم تشخیص حرکت دوگانه (مادون قرمز غیر فعال) با 8 پرتو باریک جهت ردیابی
  • سرعت بالا به همراه الگوریتم پیشرفته پردازش سیگنال های دیجیتال
  • رزولوشن بالا و محدوده ی دینامیک تبدیل سیگنال های دیجیتال
  • جلوگیری از تداخل امواج رادیویی و امواج الکترومغناطیس در این مدل
  • نظم بخشی دوگانه به عناصر سنسور
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  • لنز های آینه ای کارا با طول کانونی 77

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The NV780MR provides a pre-entry protection solution while keeping the perimeter free from movement, designed to protect exterior/interior walls and doors or windows. 

NV780M rugged indoor/outdoor detector incorporates two double passive infrared side-by-side detectors (right and left view), independent of each other with separate anti mask detection for each side.

The optics are specially designed to provide multiple narrow beams for excellent detection covering up to 12m (40ft) for each side.

Range adjustment is performed by adjusting the viewing angle of the bottom facing beams (moving them up and down).

The detectors are configurable to report as a single unit (two side detectors reporting to a single zone output) or as dual units (each side reporting to a separate zone).

Two double passive infrared motion detector with:


Dual side anti-masking detection - Active IR detection, fast 20 seconds detection designed for outdoor detecting sprayed liquids and blocking items up to 25 cm (10 in.)

Pet Immunity capability, up to 40 kg (90 lb)

4 dual element sensors arrangement

High efficiency long focal point (1.77 in.) LoDiff lens

Combination optics - mirror and Fresnel Lens for optimal sharp detection

Wireless frequency selection NV780MR support two internally selectable frequencies

Single or Dual operation modes

Optical and digital range adjustments

Dual LED and buzzer indicators

Wall-mount, with built-in level tool

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